Plastic Bottle Hack Continues!

Plastic bottle hacks utilise a bottle that has been cut, sanded, tagged together–or simply distorted to increase its usefulness.

From pasta noodle containers, cutesy coin purses and handy baskets. From water sprinklers, artistic pencil holders to hanging flower pots. From jewellery organisers and ottomans, to all sorts of decorations – we have tried to exhaust the essence of the plasticity of a supposedly mere plastic drink bottle.

Ruthless we may seem, but admit it or not, these plastic hacks make life remarkably easier and ecologically better. All we need is the plastic bottle in hand and creativity in mind.

Plastic Bottle Recycling – Let’s Cut and Cut to the Chase

Want a great plastic bottle hack? Meet thePlastic Bottle Cutter. This is a wooden piece with a sharp blade fastened in it with a cutting guide.

Plastic Bottle Cutter had a kick-starter campaign, and legions of fans supported Pavel and Ian’s invented nifty tool to be brought into existence!

Pavel and Ian thought of an idea that paved the way to make plastic bottle problems into smart plastic solutions. And that is making plastic bottles into a rope.

How Long… Can the Rope Hold

Evidently, the length of the plastic string produced would depend on the size of bottle you use. But how long can it hold? A video clip shows how strong the plastic string is by using it to tow a car. See the video below:

The smart pocket-size tool easily cuts any plastic bottle into a one fine plastic rope that could already give you heaps of ideas where to use it.

You can also weave them–pretty much do anything you could think of.

Plastic Bottle Cutter in the Flesh

The Plastic Bottle Cutter is actually made with eco-friendly materials. Weighing only 115g and with 25 x 25 x 140mm dimensions, this tool makes it easier for all people to carry–especially people who have an “on-the-go” persona.

Now you could make more hacks before you think of throwing your used plastic bottles into the bin. Got a brilliant idea with plastics? B&C Plastics Team is here to help you push the boundaries of discovery.

Plastic Bottles Sliced and Diced

plastic bottle recycling


Recycling plastics has been a good way to reduce rubbish. With the massive number of plastic bottles produced and used each day, soon, we’ll be running out of creative juices to squeeze for us to make plastic bottles into something more useful than just mere decorations until every plastic bottle reaches its intended life. Hence, we can all agree that the water plastic bottle you’ve been drinking during your lunch is now resting peacefully in the trash bin. What else can we use it for?

Interested in more clever ways we can recycle plastic?


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