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CNC Machine Prototyping

Precision prototyping with CNC machining

CNC Machine Prototyping enables our team to produce complete, functioning prototypes with a very reasonable lead time. This process also allows us to produce the finest quality, highly accurate parts. The machine itself is programmed to

How does CNC machining work?

The CNC machine is a high precision, computer manufacturing tool which effectively removes material from a stock work piece, transforming the material into a “part”. The specialised tool is driven by computer software.

Firstly a 3D CAD file of the design is created. From the CAD file we produce a G-Code which can be read by the CNC Machine. We test the G-Code to ensure there are no errors or problems prior to the machining stage. When we are satisfied with the results of our testing we then manufacture the part.  This type of prototyping is a subtractive process whereby parts are machined from 3D CAD files using a number of electronic tools and cutters. There are various materials which are available for us to work with during this phase of the product journey. Once the component has been machined, it is then removed from the machine and finished according to your specific requirements.

Precision CNC machining as a process offers the following benefits:

  • Fast, efficient run times,
  • Highly accurate, precision parts,
  • Complete customisation and automation,
  • Production capacity for scale,
  • Ability to adjust to multiple axes and difficult angles,
  • Suitable for manage hard-to-cut materials,
  • Requires less human labour, and
  • Produces uniformity through repetitive actions, creating a complete replica of the product each and every time.

Common materials used in the CNC machining process may include:

  • Metal
    • Steel
    • Brass
    • Aluminium
  • Plastic
    • Foam
    • PVC
    • Nylon
    • Acrylic
  • Wood
    • Plywood
    • MDF

cnc machine prototypingDuring the concept design stage of your prototype the team at B&C work closely with you and your business to simulate the final component’s appearance, as well as providing you with the freedom to make changes.

We provide a full range of high-quality CNC machining from individual parts to fully assembled pieces and would be happy to discuss the process and whether this suits your requirements.

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More Information About Plastic Manufacturing


Do you have an idea for a product that you would like to bring to reality? Speak to one of our new product design managers.

Our 5 Step Process




  • Find someone you can talk with about your idea that has experience
  • Build a relationship
  • Find someone you can trust
  • Meet & greet
  • Make a decision to proceed


  • Meeting to discuss product design brief
  • Receive detailed proposal and engage our team
  • Innovative concept designs for your consideration
  • Innovative & dimensional product designs
  • Engineering and polymer analysis


  • Final approval on 3D models
  • Select best method of prototype:
  • Rapid prototyping, 3D printing, CNC machined, Silicone tooling, Vacuum cast
  • Analyse prototype
  • Get feedback and input from trusted parties


  • Awareness and Direct Marketing
  • Sales distribution channels to market
  • Sell sell sell
  • Product improvements
  • Additional products to create a product range
  • R&D – PWC


  • Mould manufacture
  • Off tool samples for your approval and testing
  • Manufacture of your product
  • Quality assurance
  • Packaging and distribution



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